Sutherland DNA Project


NOTE OF DISCLAIMER - Information concerning this ground breaking research project for those who have descended from the Northern Scottish territories of Sutherland and Caithness is presented for the benefit of these descendants around the globe for genealogical and genetic purposes. Participation in the study is strictly voluntary and a personal one. Project participants agree to release their DNA results to this website. You may also submit DNA results directly to us at this website (see "Contact Us"), or to FTDNA from another DNA analysis company. Please note, that if we receive DNA results, the Caithness and Sutherland DNA Project will list at minimum the initials, kit number and eldest known paternal ancestor of the project member, along with their DNA test results (unless otherwise notified by the member).
While the administrators of this website endorse Family Tree DNA as a possible choice for interested parties to select as a DNA analysis company, we receive no monetary benefit, compensation or other financial benefit from FTDNA, or any other parties. Further, we make no claims as to the accuracy of the information, or interpretations thereof, provided in this website. Any DNA results or other information we receive from project members are sumbitted to us with the full knowledge that other members and non-members can view it, although we currently limit it to the participants initials, kit number and DNA results. Further, we may also decide to share member results with other related DNA projects, but will do so using only the minimum amount of data necessary to ensure the privacy of our members and that the project functions smoothly.  In summary, we are non-paid volunteers who seek to help others around the world further their family tree research and as such you agree to hold any and all volunteers of this website harmless as a result of free services provided by us. Having said that, we will treat all of your information as though it were our own. In fact, our information has also been uploaded onto this website along with yours. Good luck everyone. We hope we can help you on your quest to expand your genealogical knowledge.
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