Sutherland DNA Project


Below are some links we found useful: 

Family Tree DNA YouTube:
National Geographic Geno 2.0:
International Society of Genetic Genealogy: 
Margaret MacKay, Scottish Genealogical Researcher: 
Also of interest to Sutherland's around the globe:
Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland:
Clan Sutherland Society in N. America:
Clan Sutherland Society in Nova Scotia, contact Mary-Beth Sutherland at:
Clan Sutherland Society in Australia, contact Marie Hodgkinson
Caithness Family History Society:  
Blood of the Vikings Documentary:
Scottish DNA Project:
Scottish DNA Project Blog:
Advanced Genomic Information, Analysis & Interpretation
The Genetic Genalogist (Blog):
Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor Calculator:
Y-Chromosome Genome Comparison:
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF):
David Pike: Search for Different SNP's from Raw Data of Family Finder and 23andMe:
David Pike: Comparing Two Raw Data Files from Family Finder and/or 23andMe:
Personal Genome Project:
Eurogenes Biographical Ancestry Project (BGA):
PhyloTree - mtDNA Phylogenetic Tree: